08 March 2018

8 March Womens Day

8 March Women's Day

Olam Progida Celebrates IWD in the farms, factories, offices, villages in Turkey

Olam Progıda celebrated the International Women's Day in 8 cities in Turkey with various events. In the cities of Giresun, Ordu, Sakarya, Düzce, Mersin, İstanbul, Samsun and Mardin, events were organized for women farmers and women workers working in Olam Progıda’s factories, offices and hazelnut farms. These events organized by Olam Progıda supported women who took part in the hazelnut supply chain’s every step and contributed to the agriculture sector, hazelnut production and its trade with their work.

Olam Progida continues to empower women

Olam Progıda has 820 women employees in its 4 factories and 2 offices operating in Turkey, which marks the women workforce at 70 percent. Olam Progıda supports the participation of women in the economy and works on increasing the employment of women in the agriculture sector and improving their working conditions. We continue to undertake projects together with civil society organizations in order to support women seasonal migrant workers who are working in the hazelnut harvest but living in Turkey's south-east region.

Olam Progida Celebrates IWD in the farms, factories, offices, villages in Turkey

Olam Progıda continued to add value in every way and on March 8th World Women's Day celebrated and distributed gifts for women workers in all its factories and offices. In addition, we came together with women hazelnut farmers in Sakarya and Ordu regions and organized a training on good agricultural practices and good social practices where about 100 women were participated. In the village of Gölköy of Ordu 30 women, and in the village of Adapazarı in Sakarya 70 women participated and raised their awareness on the prevention of child labor in theharvest of hazelnut, hazelnut farming and forming cooperatives. After the trainings, handmade natural soaps produced by the Mardin Silkroad Women's Cooperative, established with the support of the Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work, were distributed to the women farmers.

Via social projects all over Turkey Olam Progıda also met with seasonal migrant agricultural worker women in the south east region of Turkey in the city of Mardin to celebrate International Women's Day. Within the scope of "Village Motherhood Program" carried out by Olam Progida with Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work since 2017, 300 women who have lived in Kızıltepe district of Mardin and worked in the Black Sea region with hazelnut harvest were reached.