About Progıda

Turkey accounts for more than 70% of the world’s annual production of hazelnuts. The climatic conditions in the Turkish Black Sea Coast area are ideal for growing hazelnuts.

Olam Progida operates a modern state-of-the-art ingredients factory in Giresun and cracking facilities in different regions of the Turkish Black Sea Coast. The business is headquartered in Istanbul and has long been present in the region, priding itself on its ability to procure hazelnuts across all the growing areas in Turkey. Strong relationships with farmers, intermediary traders and crackers in the growing areas have been nurtured for mutually beneficial relationships over time.


The European Union consumes about 80% of Turkey’s hazelnut production, making Olam Progida one of the leading exporters in the country with links to all major European customers in the confectionery industry.

In 2017, Olam Progida expanded its operations into other countries for sourcing including Georgia with aims to become an integrated player across the entire value chain – from farming to processing – becoming a supplier of choice for hazelnuts ingredients.

Olam Progida began operating in Georgia, by purchasing one of the leading hazelnut processing plants in Samagrelo/Zugdidi Region, which is the largest growing area of the country. We are growing continuously in processed/natural hazelnuts and projecting to meet our customers’ requirements from different origins. We have over 200 employees and managing all our processing and supply chain activities. Olam Progida is planning to increase the value given to the product overall the country by building up good relations with farmers through sustainability and traceability programs.