10 February 2021

Success of Women in Business

Success of Women in Business

Managers and employees realize that success brings happiness day by day. Today, people prefer to work in a company that positively affects all employees in matters such as education, social responsibility, academic success, and they can associate the definition of happiness with success. People's ideas change from day to day in order to be happy. Based on this, people don't like yesterday's ideas while living today. They transform their decisions made few years back within themselves.

The way to be successful and achieve big goals depends on organizing our small habits. Global CEO coach Sabina Nawaz summarizes this issue very well with an article she wrote on the Harvard Business Review (  According to Sabina Nawaz; on your way to success, you can reach a long-term goal only with small and divisible goals. In this way, you can take notes by setting daily small goals for yourself and tracking your progress. However, it is a critical issue here to keep your small goals stable for a certain period of time without increasing them. You can also ask a third person to help you monitor you. Now, after your micro goals have become a habit, you will be one step closer to your big goal and at the end of this period, you will achieve great results with small starts.

Success is an inevitable end for people who can combine certain characteristics in one common point to achieve success. Unfortunately, no success is achieved by chance, and many female employees achieve success in business life with certain difficulties. All employees who define themselves correctly, who are prone to teamwork, who can empathize, work in a planned way, manage their time correctly, constantly improve themselves and behave bravely are one step closer to success.

Looking at recent years in the development of the business world, it is an inevitable fact that women play a decisive role in every sector and in every position. Balancing economic and social life is made possible by ensuring active participation of women in business life. In addition, not only the participation of women in the labor force, but also the continuation of their stay in the workforce is important for the development of both the national economy and social life.

Working at Olam Progıda makes all employees feel that their career paths are open, training and continuous improvement are unavoidable. At the same time, our company, Olam Progıda provides women a great opportunity in business life, having a workforce consists of 648 women and 324 male employees. From Quality to Production in our factory in Samsun, which was established from scratch within Progıda in 2017 and started "Sesame and Tahini Production" with modern technologies; the work of many women employees from engineering to management levels plays a major role in the continuity of the supply chain. Our female Quality Control Staff stated that Progıda contributed to her career in the following words:

“After graduated from Food Technologies, I switched to the food engineering department; but then I left the engineering department. However, after I started to work in Progida's factory in Samsun, I realized that I had professional deficiencies. Progıda allowed me to improve myself every day. I decided to continue my education after seeing that I was working in a company that values people.”

“I am happy to work at Progida as it enables me to see advantages in my life.”          

When we listen to the success stories in business life, we can observe that concepts such as discipline and continuous improvement come to the fore. We must be open to innovation and improvement not only in business life but also in our private lives. In addition, when employees are devoted and determined, they can be greatly supported by managers. For all these reasons, we have a lot more to develop and a lot of success to bring to our employees. As Progıda Human Resources, we work with the happiness of success and make it a policy to support continuous development.


Damla Nur Kaya