Olam is one of the world’s largest cotton companies and a universal supplier of all cotton growths to the world’s textile markets. Today, we have a global supply network of over 100,000 farmers, ginners and suppliers, matched by an established and diversified customer base across all our markets. We maintain cotton operations around the globe.

Olam started its cotton operations in Turkey, in 2004  based out of Mersin. We are suppliers of raw cotton to the biggest Turkish mills from USA, Central Asia, Africa, Brazil and Australia. Our dedicated Cotton team provides superior logistics service and our best in class system processes help provide a better customer experience. We have started domestic cotton trading in Turkey since 2016. We have a strong team on the ground to help us manage procurement, quality and logistics in order to provide unique benefit to our clients. Our warehouses in Mersin provide our clients a one stop shop solution for their domestic and imported cotton needs. We will continue to focus on our operational capabilities and provide superior service to our esteemed customers.