World Class Innovation

Olam Progida is a global leader in supplying high quality hazelnuts. Being one of the leading innovators in the sector, we have the capability to provide custom-made products based on your requirements.

Olam Progida owns world’s best technology roasters, specialised dicers, ultra-modern colour sorters and sieves. It ensures high quality product and accurate size, this has helped Olam Progida in building a large base of satisfied customers.

However, at Olam Progida we realise that while hi-tech equipment is vital, skilled people are just as important too. Our team in Turkey has extensive experience in processing hazelnut ingredients so you can rest assured that things always run smoothly.

Olam Progida’s hazelnut processing plant in Turkey conforms to the world’s highest food safety and quality standards. Hazelnuts are cracked, sorted and then processed using the most advanced technologies to keep the nutritional value intact. Roasting is done on state-of-art variable capacity lines capable of processing various grades of hazelnuts with consistent flavour, aroma and texture. At Olam Progida, product customisation is our key strength and we have the capability to meet customer specific requirements.


Olam Progida has an integrated plant in Giresun, two cracking facilities in Sakarya and Ordu, a sesame processing plant in Samsun, a sales office in Mersin and has a head office in Istanbul. Olam Progıda’s all facilities in Turkey is multiple-certified and keeps track of world-class food safety practices.

Operational Excellence is a workplace philosophy in which problem solving, teamwork, and leadership lead to improvement in an organization. As Olam Progıda, we aim to focus on the needs of our customers, to make our employees positive and qualified, and to constantly improve the activities available in the workplace.

In order to make more productive and more efficient production at Olam Progida, 5S, Kaizen, Autonomous Maintenance, Planned Maintenance and Lean Six Sigma projects are carried out in all our facilities. In addition, we aim to use energy most effectively with the Energy Management System.